Holistic Well-being


Babs Anderson, Liverpool Hope University, UK
Zoi Nikiforidou, Liverpool Hope University, UK
Wilma Robles-Melendez, Nova Southeastern University, USA


The holistic well-being SIG aims to critically reflect on the concept of children’s well-being in a holistic, inclusive manner. This is timely due to the increased awareness and interest of practitioners, researchers and policy makers at a cross-national and global level in understanding children’s physical, mental, social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and cultural well-being. It will foster research in a range of aspects including ESD in early childhood, child development, cross-cultural elements, policy, empowerment and agency and their synergy in examining children’s holistic well-being. The SIG welcomes international collaboration and innovative research.


  • The Holistic Well-being SIG aims to explore the following questions, amongst others:
  • What do we mean by well-being?
  • Why address well-being?
  • What do we know about well-being from the perspective of children’s and human rights?
  • How can we support the well-being of children and families in a holistic and inclusive manner?
  • Do practitioners, researchers and policy makers understand children’s physical, mental, social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and cultural well-being in the same way?
  • What experiences influence children’s well-being?
  • How can we advocate for the well-being of the children and their families?
  • Are there universal measures of well-being?


Click here to view the 2016-17 report (pdf)

News & Events

Next SIG meeting:

EECERA Conference, Bologna, Italy: Tuesday 29th August 2017 (room and time to be confirmed)

Activities & Publications

EECERA 2016 self-organised symposia:

A35: Holistic well-being SIG Symposium 3,
B32: Research innovations in exploring well-being,
C21: Apart from Progress: Preservation, Variability and Change in Childhood

Main research topics:

Inclusion, refugee families, ESD, research methodologies, empathy, spirituality, dis/ability, home education


  • Alex Owen
  • Antoanneta Potsi
  • Babs Anderson
  • Harriet Pattison
  • Irit Wyrobnik
  • John Siraj-Blatchford
  • Lynnette Brock
  • Kyriakos Demetriou
  • Sarah Holmes
  • Wilma Robles-Melendez
  • Wayne Driscoll


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