Rethinking Play

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In the context of EECERA Rethinking Play has to be thought provoking and reflecting on issues that relate to developments at scientific, social, educational and policy level; multidisciplinary and open for theoretical and practice based research; sensitive to issues of diversity, and rights and lived experiences of children.

The SIG Rethinking Play will start to discuss 3 issues:

  1. Cultural differences in the concept of play and the valuation of the role of play in young children’s learning and education. Consequences for exchange of ideas with non-western colleagues and the implementation of play-based programmes in non-western countries.
  2. The role of the teacher in supporting and stimulation young children’s play and learning, including the discussion of educational preschool programmes.
  3. Play and learning of children under 3 years old in day care centres.


Maritta Hännikäinen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Sofia Avgitidou, University of Western Macedonia, Greece


Click to view the 2014-2015 report (pdf) Sofia Avgitidou and Maritta Hännikäinen

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