Professor Júlia Formosinho

Professor Júlia Formosinho is a Professor at the University of Minho in Braga., Portugal and co-founder and Joint Director of Research at the Childhood Association (Associação Criança), a civic network which promotes a socio-cultural-constructivist approach to the education of children and teachers, intercultural understanding and advocacy of children’s rights in early childhood settings. The Childhood Association has been supported by a grant from the Aga Khan and Gulbenkian Foundations. One of the achievements of this civic network has been the development of a pedagogical approach to children and adult learning called Pedagogy-in-Participation. Since 1996, she has been the editor of a series for the leading educational publishing house in Portugal and African Portuguese speaking countries – Porto Editora – called Childhood Series. The two last published books were: one on praxiological research and another on young children’ voices about their schools In the last two years she has been coordinating a national project on the reconstruction of meaning and the development of quality in early childhood education settings through a deep dialogue with Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram about an approach to educational change. Recently Júlia has been invited by a consortium of institutions, including the Professional Association of Early Childhood Teachers, to develop a national research project on crèches (0 to 3 years) in order to create advocacy for a better education of babies and support for families. Júlia was Chair of the Sixth EECERA Conference in Portugal in 1996. Júlia sits on EECERA’s ethics committee and supports the development of Special Themed Editions of the EECERJ. Júlia has a long standing collaboration with Spanish universities and professional associations, namely with the University of Santiago de Compostela and has published with Spanish colleagues and with Brazilian colleagues (in São Paulo, Ceará, Minas Gerais) resulting in the publication of two books in Brazil, chapters in several books and articles in research journals. Júlia has served on the Board since its inception and was re-elected as a Trustee by the Electoral College in 2015.

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