Webinar 3 – Perspectives of Children

27 October

8pm – 9.30pm (GMT)

What have children got to say?: Children’s narratives of the pandemic from 3 countries

This session will explore through a study across England, New Zealand and Scotland, how COVID-19 is affecting the everyday life of young children. Understanding this changed daily reality of children is crucial to ensuring that their current and future wellbeing is not adversely affected by restrictions on their experiences. Young children, who are at a formative stage in their lives and in their growing civic awareness, have equally valid knowledge, views and feelings about the pandemic which they are capable of expressing if given the opportunity. They have powerful and specific narratives about how they are affected firstly, by the lockdown and then, by the gradual opening up of public spaces and places, which deserve serious consideration. This session will explore what children have to say and how their experiences might shape our responses.

Prof. Dr Chris Pascal Centre for Research in Early Childhood, Birmingham, UK

Discussion Panel:

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