Monitoring Country Coordinators’ Activity

The Country Coordinator’s role is an honorary, prestigious, ambassadorial position within EECERA. It is unpaid but carries the following substantial benefits:

  • free online access to EECERA journal and back catalogue;
  • access to administrative support for developing EECERA’s profile nationally;
  • support of a dedicated coordinating Trustee.

The Board expects those undertaking this role to make a significant contribution to the Association’s functioning, visibility and reach. Country Coordinators are expected to be active and where, perhaps because of changed circumstances, a Country Coordinator finds it difficult to carry out their role, the Board reserves the right to reappointment. The position is therefore reviewed every year and renewal will be dependent on an assessment by the Board based on the following:

  1. The submission of an annual report by the Country Coordinator summarising the range of their activity in their region or country and their assessment of its effectiveness and benefits for EECERA & EECERJ.
  2. An analysis by the EECERA administrator of some of the following impact data related to the country or region for which the Country Coordinator has responsibility:
  • updated changes in the region or country’s email database;
  • activity on social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, RenRen, Telegram;
  • the numbers and type of ‘hits’ on EECERJ or EECERA websites originating from the Country Coordinator’s country or region, as revealed by Google Analytics;
  • increase in membership from the country or region;
  • increase in submissions to the Journal from the country region or
  • increase in SIG participation or membership from the country or region;
  • increase in Conference delegates from participating country or region;
  • increase in website ‘links’ to local organisations.

Support from EECERA includes a designated Trustee who has responsibility for managing Country Coordinators and access to an EECERA administrator. Small amounts of ‘seed’ funding are also available for such things as translation and printing of leaflets about EECERA or EECERJ in local languages. Approval for such expenditure must be cleared first with the Trustee who has responsibility for Country Coordinators. The Board also encourages Country Coordinators to explore with EECERA administrators how local websites might exchange URLs or how pages on the EECERA and EECERJ sites might be translated into local languages.

Current CoCos

Albania – Gerda Sula
Australia – Gerry Mulhearn
Austria – Bernhard Koch
Belgium – Hester Hulpia
Brazil – Mônica Pinazza
Canada – Debra Harwood
Chile – Daniela S. Jadue Roa
China – Lynne Zhang
Croatia – Adrijana Višnjić Jevtić
Cyprus – Eleni Loizou
Denmark – Persille Schwartz
Estonia – Maire Tuul
Finland – Lasse Lipponen
Germany – Peter Cloos
Greece – Sofia Avgitidou
Greece – Maria Birbili
Hungary – Aniko Vargane Nagy
Iceland – Krístin Karlsdottir
Iran – Ebrahim Talaee
Ireland – Irene Gunning
Italy – Chiara Bove
Italy – Maria Cristina Picchio
Jamaica – Zoyah Kinkead-Clark
Japan – Mikiko Tabu
Kenya – Teresa Mwoma
Malta – Valerie Sollars
Poland – Anna Kienig
Portugal – Sara Araújo
Romania – Alina Mag
Russia – Nikolay Veraksa
Slovakia – Zlatica Zacharova
Slovenia – Marta Licardo
South Africa – Hasina Ebrahim
Spain – Silvia Blanch
Sweden – Maelis Karlsson Lohmander
Switzerland – Anne Clerc-Georgy
Turkey – Mehmet Toran
UK – Helen Lyndon
USA – Nancy Barbour

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