EECERA Annual Student and Practitioner Research Awards 2016

EECERA is pleased to announce that applications for the 2016 EECERA Student and Practitioner Research Awards and are now being accepted.

The EECERA Student Research Award (pdf) is open to postgraduate students with appropriate status from any recognised university whose research is aimed at developing early childhood policy or practice. The EECERA Practitioner Research Award (pdf) is open to anyone working in an early years setting or other organisation working with young children.

The research is not restricted to any particular methodology and entries can be submitted by an individual or a group. The research project should be nearing completion or have been written up within the past three years. The research must be presented at the conference and the awards are presented at the closing ceremony of the conference.

The full paper needs to be submitted via [email protected] e-mail by 15th July 2016. All entries will be then scrutinised by the EECERA Awards Committee against a set of academic and scholarly criteria. The entries exhibiting the highest standards of scholarship and practitioner research originality will be awarded a certificate, one free EECERA conference fee for 2017, as well as a subscription to a Taylor and Francis journal of their choice for one year.

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