Special Issue Call for Papers – Pedagogical documentation: Researching a powerful and evolving idea

Posted 29th June 2020

Guest editors: Alma Fleet (Australia) & Inês Machado (Portugal)
Call for Papers
Considered to be many things with multi-layered purposes, the contexts, processes and products associated with documenting pedagogically are entangled with participatory pedagogies, with accountability pressures and with beliefs related to the nature of Pedagogy. Research about pedagogical documentation (rather than examples) has been limited. Therefore, the brief for this timely publication explores pedagogic(al) documentation through several frames, including:

  • pedagogical documentation as a co-researching process of reciprocity with children
  • research that helps make visible the potentialities of pedagogical documentation
  • research that is informed by pedagogical documentation
  • research associated with professional learning through pedagogical documentation
  • research on the place of pedagogical documentation in a climate of assessment and accountability
  • research associated with leadership development through pedagogic documentation
  • research on parents’ involvement on pedagogic documentation

These are topics (among others) that can be analysed in this issue.
Submission information
We invite prospective authors to submit proposals related to the theme of this special issue. The papers must be based on recent research related to the early childhood sector and give evidence of complying with EECERA’s code of ethics. Authors should be aware that there could be only very few pictures per article – only two or three are permitted by the journal publishers.
Prospective authors are invited to submit a 700 to 900-word proposal outlining the theoretical underpinning, research methodology, analysed findings, and implications of their research for practice and policy. These must be sent to Alma Fleet and Inês Machado and no later than January 11th 2021. The Guest Editors will review proposals and authors will be notified of the outcomes of their submissions by February 8th 2021. Each issue of EECERA Journal has ten articles.
Subsequently, first drafts of all articles will be due by May 17th 2021 to undergo a review process by the guest editors of this special issue. Submissions with editorial comments will be sent back to the authors by June 21st 2021 to help authors to make revisions and send them back to Guest Editors. If needed the process can be repeated. When the papers are ready, the Guest Editors will invite authors to submit final drafts of their articles for EECERJ review by August 16th 2021 to undergo the regular blind review process of the EECERA journal. The overall process has to be ready by early-November 2021.
We kindly ask all prospective authors to go to EECERA Journal to see norms for publication of articles.
This Special Issue will be published in 2022.

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