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To coincide with the launch of the EECERA Online Convocation on the impact of COVID-19, we are thrilled to be able to offer open access to some of EECERA Journal most recent articles.

This limited time only offer is a collection of articles focusing on some important issues of access to education, modes of delivery and the role of digital technology – all of which are current and relevant to our planned COVID- focused dialogues, discussions and narratives.

Together with our publishers, Taylor and Francis, we hope this resource will enable, facilitate or further support some of your learning, research, collaborations and action planning.

Happy reading!

Volume 28 Issue 1: Special Issue Refugee Children

Addressing the needs of children of immigrants and refugee families in contemporary ECEC settings: findings and implications from the Children Crossing Borders study
Joseph Tobin

Involving refugee children in research: emerging ethical and positioning issues
Donna Gaywood Tony Bertram and Chris Pascal

Early learning opportunities for children at risk of social exclusion. Opening the black box of preschool practice
Brecht Peleman, Michel, Piet Van Avermaet

Early interventions tackling inequalities experienced by immigrant, low-income, and Roma children in 8 European countries: a critical overview
Cecília Aguiar, Carla S. Silva, Rita Guerra, Ricardo B. Rodrigues, Luísa A. Ribeiro, Giulia Pastori, Paul Leseman & the ISOTIS research team

High time to put the invisible children on the agenda: supporting refugee families and children through quality ECEC
Ankie Vandekerckhove & Jeroen Aarssen


Volume 28 Issue 2: Special Issue Digital Childhoods

Technology-integrated pedagogical practices: a look into evidence-based teaching and coherent learning for young children
Sarika Kewalramani, Lorna Arnott & Maria Dardanou

Digital pop-ups: studying digital pop-ups and theorising digital pop-up pedagogies for preschools
Marilyn Fleer

Teachers’ pedagogical strategies when creating digital stories with young children
Marianne Undheim & Margrethe Jernes

A cross-cultural exploration of early childhood educators’ beliefs and experiences around the use of touchscreen technologies with children under 3 years of age
Olga Fotakopoulou, Maria Hatzigianni, Maria Dardanou, Torstein Unstad & Jane O’Connor

Early childhood practitioner beliefs about digital media: integrating technology into a child-centred classroom environment
Charlotte Vidal-Hall, Rosie Flewitt & Dominic Wyse

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