Participatory Pedagogy and Praxeological Research


João Formosinho, Childhood Association and Catholic University of Portugal, Portugal
Christian Winterbottom, University of North Florida, USA
Monica Pinazza, University of Sao Pauo, Brazil


We constitute a group of researchers that want to create a community within the larger EECERA organisation with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge – participatory pedagogies linked with praxeological research, where members meet and dialogue, organise symposia and conferences, and conduct collaborative projects and publications.
We envisage to:

  • generate critical reflection on those connected themes;
  • encourage the emergence of cross-national perspectives;
  • support innovative and reflexive research on current ECEC issues and themes through international collaboration
  • promote participatory praxis with children and their teachers
  • promote praxeological research of participatory pedagogies with children and with teachers
  • connect teachers’ education to children learning

The aims of this community are fully in line with EECERA philosophy and ethos and highly connected to the EECERA momentum of creating an impetus in the development of pedagogical praxis, as can be seen with the recent creation of the EECERA book series – Towards an ethical praxis in early childhood.
Hopefully the creation of this group will contribute to capacity building in such an important area for the development of quality education, either at the level of children or of teachers.

Proposed SIG activity

  • sharing of key references
  • an annual meeting of the members by the time of the EECERA conference
  • intermediary meetings in different countries connected with other events
  • presentation of Self Organised Symposiums in the EECERA conferences
  • publishing in the EECERA journal and books
  • publishing in national journals
  • create a web site

SIG Members:

  • Joao Formosinho (Portugal)
  • Christian Winterbottom (USA)
  • Monica Pinazza (Brasil)
  • Chris Pascal (UK)
  • Julia Formosinho (Portugal)
  • Tony Bertram (UK)
  • Jóhanna Einarsdóttir (Iceland)
  • Dalila Lino (Portugal)
  • Cristina Parente (Portugal)
  • Joana de Sousa (Portugal)
  • Inês Machado (Portugal)
  • Soraia Jamal (Portugal)
  • Liz Rouse (UK)
  • Aline Colbeck (UK)
  • Helen Lyndon (UK)
  • Menna Godfrey (UK)
  • Alison Moore (UK)
  • Paolo Pedrelli (UK)
  • Fatima Vieira (Portugal)
  • Sara Araujo (Portugal)
  • Paulo Fochi (Brazil)
  • Eleni Loizou (Cyprus)
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