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Pathways to Professionalism in Early Childhood Education and Care (Paperback) book cover
Pathways to Professionalism in Early Childhood Education and Care
Edited by Michel Vandenbroeck, Mathias Urban, Jan Peeters
Paperback – 2016-04-04
Assessment and Evaluation for Transformation in Early Childhood (Paperback) book cover
Assessment and Evaluation for Transformation in Early Childhood
Edited by Julia Formosinho, Christine Pascal
Paperback – 2015-08-24

Book Series

Towards an Ethical Praxis in Early Childhood: From Research into Practice

Series Editors: Nancy Barbour, Joao Formosinho and Chris Pascal
(under the auspices of the EECERA Coordinating Editor, Tony Bertram)

The EECERA Book Series (‘Towards an Ethical Praxis in Early Childhood: From Research into Practice’) offers an innovative and exemplary vehicle for the international early childhood sector to develop transformative pedagogy which demonstrates effective knowledge transfer from research to the development of ethical praxis. The Book Series is designed to complement and link with the European Early Childhood Education Research Journal (EECERJ), which is primarily a worldwide academic platform for publishing research according to the highest international standards of scholarship. The EECERA Book Series aims to combine rigorous practice with theoretically and research informed perspectives and to demonstrate how this knowledge can be used to develop and improve the quality of early education and care services to young children and their families. It is also intended to stimulate dialogue about the impact of such research studies.

The approach taken in the book series will not be a linear one of research to practice but rather will be a realisation of a fusion of research, theoretical, conceptual and philosophical perspectives, values and ethics, which we term ‘Ethical Praxis’. This fusion is embodied in all EECERA research and development activity, but we anticipate the book series will have a stronger focus on the development of practice and/or policy, as stimulated by research processes and outcomes. In addition to offering a forum for plural, multi-disciplinary and multi-method research approaches, the series will offer a strong model of praxeological processes, which foreground issues of ethics and power in the development process. The aim through the series is to exemplify research informed, reflective, dialogic practice which has the capacity to secure deep improvements in the experience of cross national early childhood services.

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Commissioning process

Authors will be recruited through EECERA from our international network of researchers and practitioners, and will be chosen on the basis of their expertise in the topics in the series. Authors will be recruited by the Book Series Editors and their proposals, which set out the contents of their book, and will be prepared in accordance with the Publisher’s guidelines. The proposal will be subject to scrutiny by the EECERA Coordinating Editor and the approval of the EECERA Board of Trustees before submission to the publishers.

All book proposals will be subject to an EECERA peer review by three EECERA appointed reviewers, two of whom will be specialists in the topic area of the book. Authors will be asked to address comments raised by reviewers. The proposal will then be submitted to Taylor and Francis to undergo the Publishers’ peer review process.

Once a proposal has been approved by the EECERA Board of Trustees and the publishers, publishing contracts with authors will be arranged through the EECERA Coordinating Editor.

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