Board of Trustees

The current eight EECERA Trustees are:

The formally approved Constitution of the Association (pdf) governs its operation.

A recent addendum to the Constitution reads:

‘Composition of the Board of Trustees

(i) To ensure the Board reflects its European heritage, all trustees shall be European by birth or located in Europe in their place of work during their period in office.
(ii) Further, to ensure balance in the composition of the Board, there shall be no more than three Trustees working or residing in any one country, at the same time, during their period of service on the Board of Trustees.

A similar rule applies to papers in any one edition of the Journal (no more than three papers from any single country) but it does not apply to the composition of the Editorial Board which is much larger grouping.

Emeritus Trustees

In May 2010, the Trustees voted unanimously to create the honorary title of Emeritus Trustee under the following amendment to the Constitution:

‘The Board shall have the power, on a majority vote, to appoint Emeritus Trustees. Emeritus Trustees will be designated only from those former Trustees who are recognised by the Board as having served their trusteeship diligently, responsibly and honourably for a substantial period of not less than 10 years. Emeritus Trustees will be awarded free life membership of the Association.’

Three Emeritus Trustees have been appointed:

  • Professor Ferre Laevers, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Professor Sylvie Rayna, France
  • Professor Christos Frangos, Greece (Deceased)

Emeritus Trustees may be occasionally consulted or co-opted onto the Board but do not have voting rights.

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