EECERA is a voluntary association wholly owned by its Membership and administered under the usual protocols of a charity with Board of Trustees elected by an Electoral College.

The Electoral College consists of all those members who have been Conference Chairs, who are on the EECERJ Editorial Board, who have been Editors of Special Editions of the EECERJ, who are Convenors of active EECERA SIGs, who are active Country Coordinators and all current and former Trustees.

Executive decisions are taken by majority vote of the Board of Trustees. The Trustees are supported by two current Emeritus Trustees who do not vote and two part-time administrators.


EECERA employs two part-time administrators who:

  • administer the Association supporting the Board in its operations and meetings, supporting the Annual Conference Chair, managing finances and accounts of the Association and making sure payments and expenses are scrutinised and that all finances are independently audited and that proper accounts are kept and presented annually to the Trustees. All meetings of the Board are minuted.
  • administer the Journal ensuring there is fluent liaison and supportive connection with the publisher, the Special Issue Coordinator, the President and the Coordinating Editor, distributing papers for review under the auspices of the Coordinating Editor, tracking papers and reviewers’ responses and getting each of the six issues into ‘print ready copy’ on time consistently.

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