Special Interest Groups

EECERA members who wish to engage in cross-national collaborations around a particular theme, form Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These collaborations can be simply for dialogue and deliberation or have a particular focus such as a research bid or an intended publication.

EECERJ has already published several special issues produced and edited by EECERA SIGs. If SIG Convenors need support in realising such goals, they can ask for support from the Coordinating Editor.

SIGs have at least two convenors, (of different nationalities, based in two different countries, one of whom should be working in a European institution), who are responsible for facilitating the work of the SIG. There is no additional cost for EECERA members wishing to belong to a SIG. SIGs meet at programmed periods during Conference each year and organise additional meetings during the year.

Information for Convenors about SIGS and their Formation

Frequently Asked Questions about SIGs
SIG Convenor Resources
Revised EECERA SIG protocols and requirements for 2017 (updated April 2018)
A case study of SIG creation and development (pdf)
Example of a report (pdf)

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