Electoral College

The Electoral College is the group of people in the organisation who have the power to elect the Board of Trustees. They meet at conference whenever there are vacancies.

It comprises: current and former Trustees, the Editorial Board, Special Issue Journal Editors, active SIG convenors, former Conferences Chairs, ‘active’ Country Coordinators and current members, both of at least 3 years consecutive standing. All Electoral College members must have paid up membership status for to be able to participate in any electoral process

2022 Electoral College meeting

The 2022 Electoral College meeting which was held on 23rd August 2022 at University of Strathclyde returned the following Trustee for a 3 year term: Irene Gunning

There remains one vacant position on the Board of Trustees.

2019 Electoral College meeting

The 2019 Electoral College meeting which was held Tuesday 20th August at the Faculty of Education, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki returned the following 3 Trustees for a 3 year term:

Eleni Loizou
Johanna Einarsdottir
Julia Formosinho

Information for Electoral College members

The Protocols for Election from the Electoral College to the EECERA Board of Trustees
Regulations for the appointment protocols for EECERA Officers and the Electoral College
Protocols for Proposers and Seconders in EECERA Elections

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