Electoral College

2019 Electoral College meeting

The 2019 Electoral College has received three nominations as below. There are three vacancies which will be put before the electoral college meeting to be held on Tuesday 20th August (at 16:45) at the Faculty of Education, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki.

Eleni Loizou’s manifesto
Johanna Einarsdottir’s manifesto
Julia Formosinho’s manifesto

The Electoral College meets whenever it needs to elect one or more of its members to the Board of Trustees. To participate in the Electoral College, those on the list must also be current EECERA Members. Some members of the Electoral College qualify more than once by virtue of the fact they have done multiple roles, for example, they may have been Trustees and Conference Chairs and Special Issue Editors and SIG Chairs, but they have only one vote and should appear in the list only once.

Current Potential Members of the Electoral College 2019

Information for Electoral College members

The Protocols for Election from the Electoral College to the EECERA Board of Trustees
Regulations for the appointment protocols for EECERA Officers and the Electoral College
Protocols for Proposers and Seconders in EECERA Elections

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