How to Write a Successful EECERA Conference Proposal

Posted 3rd March 2022

For all those planning or considering submitting an abstract for the 2022 EECERA Conference in Glasgow, we strongly recommend you read our new guide on How to Write an Effective and Successful Conference Abstract.

It’s important to remember that your proposal submission – your abstract – is more than just a means by which to submit your research for consideration by the Scientific Committee for presentation at the EECERA Conference.
Your abstract is a preview; it’s the main advertisement for your conference presentation:


“Well-presented abstracts play a crucial role in stimulating intellectual curiosity, and in ‘branding’ the relevance of new ideas and concepts to an audience succinctly and concisely. How the information is conveyed is a skilled activity that demands focused thinking and clarity in the use of language.” – Albarran, J. & Dowling, S. (2017)

EECERA delegates read abstracts in order to identify the presentations and symposia they want to attend while at conference, so YOUR abstract needs to spark people’s interest in what you’re doing and ensure that they choose to attend your presentation over another.
Whether you’re submitting an individual paper, poster, PED Talk, or are part of a Self-organised Symposium, we’ve put together an in-depth guide to help you put together the best possible proposal you can!
We’ve also created this handy go-to infographic which features our top tips for nailing your conference abstract first time.

How to Write a Successful EECERA Abstract: A Step-by-Step Guide


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