What is an EECERA Special Interest Group (SIG)?

A SIG is a network of a group of researchers from different institutions, disciplines and countries who wish to collaborate around a particular theme or issue in early childhood education and care. The selected theme or issue for the SIG should be specific enough to be widely recognised as a relevant theme that complements EECERA’s aims and also complex enough to be studied and researched from various standpoints. It should have the potential to generate knowledge that will benefit from being cross-nationally, collaboratively constructed and communicated in order to bring about new knowledge that has wide application and social utility.

How do SIGs work?

The aims of SIGS are:

  • to generate critical reflection on that theme or issue;
  • to encourage the emergence of cross-national perspectives;
  • to support innovative and reflexive research on current ECEC issues and themes through international collaboration.

SIG’s are encouraged to:

  • share their work at conference and through other contacts;
  • develop collaborative projects;
  • put forward self-organised symposium or focus groups at the annual EECERA conference;
  • write collaborative papers for the EECERJ;
  • develop proposals for an EECERA Special Issue;

How does EECERA support SIGs?

EECERA supports SIGs through:

  • facilitating networking through this website and various social media platforms, such as, Facebook;
  • offering an annual venue at conference for meetings which encourage joint presentation, establishes self-organising symposia and gives SIGs a high profile and a wider audience;
  • offering a forum for the publishing of collaborative research through the EECER Journal and Special Issue Series with a dedicated Trustee, Julia Formosinho, to offer guidance and support;
  • giving access to EECERA’s publishers.

How do I begin a SIG?

EECERA welcomes the creation of additional SIGs. They are created by:

  • linking up with other interested researchers at conference or through other contacts;
  • submitting a proposal to the Board of Trustees;
  • attending a SIG meeting at the designated time during conference.

How do I make a proposal for creating a SIG?

Proposals for new SIGs can be made once you’ve registered yourself as a user of this website. Once logged in to this site, you will have the option of submitting a SIG proposal. To do this, please visit the SIG page and scroll to the bottom right of this page to see the option for submitting your SIG proposal.

What are responsibilities of the Convenors?

All SIG convenors must agree with a number of requirements and principles of operation that the Board of Trustees hopes will ensure that the potential for splintering or fracturing within the Association is minimised and that SIG activity is aligned with the aims and ethics of EECERA.

The first of these is that each year SIG Convenors should present a short written report to Trustees Board at least once a year.

What are the conditions of SIG operation?

The Board has also established some principles of operation for EECERA

SIGs. These included:

  • SIGs must register for BoT approval by submitting a form obtainable from the Coordinating Editor of the Journal;
  • Convenors must be EECERA members;
  • SIG members must be EECERA members;
  • any conference delegate may attend SIG meetings [this effectively means: (1) meetings are open to any delegate wishing to attend a SIG and (2) delegates attending SIGs do not have to be members of EECERA but must become members if they decide to become part of the SIG];
  • SIG Convenors should present a short written report to Trustees Board when notified by the Board either after the Annual Conference or before the Board’s meeting in the Spring;
  • SIG Convenors will be expected to provide text for the regular updating of their section of EECERA website and will be able to link their external sites when this is established;
  • there is an expectation that the EECERA Journal and themed special issues should be the first port of call for SIG publications.

What recognition is given to SIG Convenors?

In keeping with its democratic and participatory character, the EECERA Board of Trustees has established an ‘Electoral College’. This Electoral College will have powers to elect some of its members to the Board of Trustee as vacancies occur. The Trustees serve for three years and can seek re-election.

In recognition of their commitment to EECERA, membership of the Electoral College will include SIG Convenors of a minimum of three years standing. If a SIG thrives, Convenors will be eligible to be members of the Electoral College and indeed to offer themselves for election to the Board.

What is an EECERA Themed Special Issue

SIGs may submit proposals to the Coordinating Editor, or the Trustee with that responsibility, for a Themed Special Issue Proposal. It should be a cross-national Collaboration around an ECEC theme. An EECERA Themed Special Issue is a collection of 10 papers from different countries of 5000 –6000 words each around a focused, currently relevant theme in ECEC. Each special issue will have a named editor(s) who will coordinate and edit the submission of manuscripts, and also write a ‘Foreword’ to the edition. The themed monograph is published by EECERA and disseminated through its conference, and its membership and subscription base. The EECERA Coordinating Editor retains the right to accept or reject papers following the process of peer review.

How do I make a proposal for a themed Special Issue?

Liaise with the EECERA Coordinating Editor early

  • Submit proposals to EECERA Board of Trustees who will make a decision on publication potential on the recommendation of the EECERJ Coordinating Editor.

How do I make a submission to the EECERJ?

As well as special issues, SIGs are encouraged to submit papers for review to the EECERJ. Submissions to the Journal are all made on-line on ScholarOne Manuscripts

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