Mathematics Birth to Eight Years


Oliver Thiel, Queen Maud University College, Norway
Bob Perry, Charles Sturt University, Australia


The EECERA SIG Mathematics provides an academic and rigorous forum to develop and disseminate high quality research on early childhood mathematics education. It has organised stimulating and relevant symposia and other presentations at recent EECERA conferences. Some collaborative research, publication and evaluation have arisen as a result of people engaging with others at SIG meetings and during presentations. There is great potential for future collaborations, perhaps through joint publication in books and papers. The SIG Mathematics is a friendly group looking to expand in order to continue learning about early childhood mathematics education. Please join us.


The EECERA SIG Mathematics aims to coordinate and disseminate international research on the discourse in the emerging early childhood mathematics education field. It creates a space for shared thinking and for creating synergies between participants from a wide range of professional and scientific contexts to encourage a clearer articulation and understanding of early childhood pedagogy, policy and practice in relation to mathematics.


News & Events

EECERA conference 2017 in Bologna

The next EECERA conference will take place from August 29th to September 1st in Bologna. We are looking forward to seeing many of you there. We will get up to four hours for our SIG meeting. Thus, we will be able to work on a project together during the meeting. Most likely, our SIG meeting will be on August 29th – the preconference day. Please, keep that in mind when planning your travel!

Please send Oliver an email on if you have any suggestions for the SIG meeting.

Calls for proposals are open. The deadline is March, 3rd. A proposal can be submitted for an individual paper presentation or a self-organised symposium. In Dublin, there were two symposia organised by our SIG, and some other symposia about early childhood mathematics, too. Two of the symposia about mathematics were scheduled at the same time. To avoid this happening this year, too, Oliver coordinates single presentations and arranges them in self-organised symposia about early childhood mathematics education. We will have at least four symposia organised by the SIG.

Activities & Publications


  • We will organise four self-organised Symposia for the EECERA conference in Dublin 2016:
  1. Title: Mathematics education in early childhood
    Chair: Oliver Thiel

    • Presenter 1: Sue Dockett and Bob Perry
    • Presenter 2: Maulfry Worthington
    • Presenter 3: Dorota Lembrér
  2. Title: Mathematics in transition to school
    Chair: Oliver Thiel

    • Presenter 1: Camilla Norman Justnes
    • Presenter 2: Wendy Goff
    • Presenter 3: Elizabeth Carruthers
  3. Title: Mathematics in early childhood teacher training
    Chair: Chrystalla Papademetri

    • Presenter 1: Oliver Thiel
    • Presenter 2: Elizabeth Dunphy
    • Presenter 3: Pamela Moffett
  4. Title:
    Chair: Chrystalla Papademetri

    • Presenter 1: Marianna Efstathiadou
    • Presenter 2: Andrea Eliadou
    • Presenter 3: Chrystalla Papademetri


  • We organised two self-organised Symposia for the EECERA conference in Dublin 2016:
  1. Title: We Talk about Mathematics in Early Childhood
    Chair: Oliver Thiel

    • Presenter 1: Sue Dockett
      Young children noticing their own mathematics in play
    • Presenter 2: Pamela Moffett
      Promoting early number talk – Evaluating the impact on professional practice
  2. Title: Innovative Approaches in Early Childhood Mathematics
    Chair: Oliver Thiel

    • Presenter 1: Liz Dunphy
      Picture-books as pedagogical tools for supporting mathematics learning in early childhood
    • Presenter 2: Oliver Thiel
      Young children explore a mathematics room
    • Presenter 3: Marianna Efstathiadou, Andrea Eliadou and Chrystalla Papademetri
      Supporting early childhood teachers to redefine learning through creative learning and play concerning mathematics


  • We organised two self-organised Symposia for the EECERA conference in Barcelona 2015:
  1. Title: Early Childhood Mathematics
    Chair: Oliver Thiel

    • Presenter 1: Kerstin Bäckman
      Play and Everyday Mathematics in Preschool
    • Presenter 2: Bob Perry
      Preschool educators working with parents to help children notice their mathematics
    • Presenter 3: Oliver Thiel
      Early childhood teacher students’ beliefs about mathematics
  2. Title: Mathematizing in early childhood
    Chair: Oliver Thiel

    • Presenter 1: Liz Dunphy
      Mathematical Thinking Processes: Supporting Children’s Engagement at the Transition to School
    • Presenter 2: Gabriella Gejard
      Children’s and teachers’ interaction in mathematical activities in a Swedish preschool
    • Presenter 3: Oliver Thiel
      A room for mathematics in early childhood


  • SIG meeting at EECERA conference in Crete 2014;
  • collated a list of contact addresses to enable participants to pursue points of discussion raised at that meeting;
  • started a Google-drive, Facebook-group, and LinkedIn-group to exchange information and documents;

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