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Milda Bredikyte






Short bio

Milda Bredikyte has been a senior researcher and associate professor at Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania since 2018. She teaches child development and narrative learning in play and the Vygotskian theory of cultural development in childhood. She is the senior researcher and the coordinator of research activities in the research laboratory of play (VMU). She worked at Kajaani University Consortium, University of Oulu, Finland, from 2002-2010. She has been responsible for research activities at Play Lab “Silmu”. Together with Pentti Hakkarainen, she is the creator of the developmental play program in early childhood – Narrative Play and Learning Environments (2017). Her research interests include the cultural development of the child, the impact of creative activities on child development, and the role of imagination in play.

Interest keywords

  • Play
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