Gender Balance


Prof. Dr. Tim Rohrmann, Dresden University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Prof. Kari Emilsen, Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education, Norway


The SIG focuses on the issue of gender balance in the ECE work force, and on the important role gender plays in adult-child-relations. Although there have been discussions about rising the proportion of male ECE workers for more than two decades, the theme remains an issue. Recently, several research projects were conducted, and in some countries governmental funded programmes have been started for bringing more men in the profession of Early Childhood Education and Care.

The members of the SIG support the aim of increasing the proportion of male workers towards a more gender-balanced ECEC work force. At the same time there is a need for a more differentiated view. Research is necessary e.g. on the significance of ECEC workers’ gender for children’s development, the interrelations of gender balance in the workforce and the promotion of gender equality, on gender-sensitive strategies for recruitment for ECE training and work, on recruitment and retention of men in the ECEC workforce, and on gender relations in ECEC in general.

The SIG focuses on the links of research, practice and policy, intends to provide an academic forum for the promotion, development and dissemination of research, and facilitates cooperation and collaboration between researchers in the field.

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News & Events

SIG Gender Balance Research conference

The network invites all interested researchers to its 5th conference:

Gender Balance in ECEC: New research perspectives

29/08/2017, Bologna, Italy, 09.00-16.00

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Activities & Publications


Some recent contributions on gender balance in ECEC

Brownhill, Simon; Warin, Jo & Wernersson, Inga (eds.) (2015). Men, Masculinities and Teaching in Early Childhood Education. International perspectives on gender and care. London: Routledge.

European Early Childhood Education Research Journal (2015). Special issue: Gender Balance in the ECEC work force. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, Volume 23, Issue 3.

Brody, David (2014). Men Who Teach Young Children: an international perspective. London: Institute of Education Press / Trentham Books.

Hauwelle, Francine; Rubio, Marie-Nicole & Rayna, Sylvie (sous la direction de) (2014). L’ègalité des filles et des garçons dès la petite enfance. Toulouse: édition érès. Including two contributions on men in ECEC.

Gender Balance Publication lists 2013-2016

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Publication list SIG gender balance 2016 (updated september 2016)

Publication list SIG gender balance 2015 (updated september 2016)

Publication list SIG gender balance 2014 (updated september 2016)

Publication list SIG gender balance 2013 (updated june 2015)


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Conference presentations on gender balance in ECEC since 2009
2016 SIG Gender Balance Research Conference, Dublin, Ireland
2016 EECERA Annual Conference, Dublin, Ireland
2015 Conference “Boys and Girls in no man’s land”, Asker/Norway, 21./22.10.2015
2015 EECERA Annual conference, Barcelona, Spain
2015 SIG Gender Balance Research Conference, Barcelona, Spain
2015 International Erasmus+ Workshop, Dresden, Germany
2014 EECERA Annual conference, Hersonnissos, Crete, Greece
2014 SIG Gender Balance Research Conference, Hersonnissos, Crete, Greece
2013 EECERA Annual conference, Tallinn, Estonia
2012 EECERA Annual conference, Porto, Portugal
2011 EECERA Annual conference, Geneva, Switzerland
2010 OMEP Annual conference, Gothenburg, Sweden
2010 EECERA Annual conference, Birmingham, United Kingdom
2009 EECERA Annual conference, Strasbourg, France

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